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Vere Software is a Nevada corporation with it’s home offices in Reno, Nevada. We develop and provide the only software solution for online digital investigations. WebCase, our flagship product, enables law enforcement, corporations and government agencies to search, collect, preserve and report, from online sources, online data including web captures, video recording, TCPIP collection, images, attached files, logging of keystrokes, as well as investigative management tools for undercover identities and suspects. 

 Our WebCase Investigative software is the industry standard tool in the field of online digital forensic investigations.  Law enforcement and government agencies use WebCase for searching, collecting, preserving, and reporting online digital data for use in criminal and civil court proceedings.

 WebCase is also used in the corporate sector including human resources related investigations, intellectual property investigations, industrial espionage, and any other information where the collection of information online needs to be verified. Trial attorneys and private investigators involved in the eDiscovery process can utilize WebCase® to effectively collect, preserve and present online digital evidence to enhance their eDiscovery requests. 

 In addition to WebCase, Vere Software will introduce, over the next few months, a comprehensive array of online investigation and training services to help our customers manage their online digital investigations and learn how to effectively and efficiently use our software.

 Our company goal is to provide tailored solutions for the online investigator.


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